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Are you passionate about gaming but feel the industry is unfairly structured?
Well we do! That’s why we’ve created NTITLE.

NTITLE is a peer-to-peer network that cuts out the stranglehold that marketplaces and other “middlemen” have on the gaming industry.

NTITLE is about community empowerment. It’s about activating gamers and empowering developers to take back control of their rights.

With NTITLE, gamers will actually own the game they purchase along with the alienable right to lend, sell, or gift it to whomever they like.

With NTITLE, game developers will have full control over the sale of their games without the exorbitant costs and lack of marketing support they currently receive.

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Enjoy the benefits of
a robust gaming community!

By removing the “middlemen” and nurturing the relationship between gamers and game developers, nTitle believes that the end result will ultimately be a better gaming experience for everyone.

    Developer benefits
  • Frustrated with high fees?
  • Disappointed with your ROI?
  • Unhappy with marketing support?
  • Concerned about funding?
  • Gamer benefits
  • Annoyed with the cost of games?
  • Wish you had more of a say?

Frustrated with exorbitant listing fees charged by today’s gaming marketplaces?

nTitle gives you back your control!

Our powerful, decentralized gaming peer-to-peer marketplace will remove the “middleman” and will completely redefine the industry. That means you can now offer games directly to customers without “middlemen” taking a 30% cut.

Disappointed with the ROI you are getting on your game development?

nTitle gives you back your options!

If you choose to allow your games to be resold on our peer-to-peer marketplace, you set the terms and receive a commission on each resale which means that you continue to make money long after the original purchase.

Unhappy with the marketing support you receive from current gaming marketplaces?

nTitle gives you back your power!

By combining gamification and brand ambassador marketing with a robust and unique type of affiliate program, we’re empowering an entire gaming community and turning them into a marketing powerhouse that you can tap into.

Love developing games but concerned about the business side of gaming?

nTitle gives you back your opportunities!

The nTitle marketplace enables you to fund new projects through our crowdfunding channel, pre-sell new games and game items, pre-test new projects with a select group of gamers, get traction before launching and receive feedback on ideas before committing all in.

Annoyed with the high cost of being a gamer in today’s market?

nTitle gives you back your rights

We’re opening up a peer-to-peer market where you’ll actually own the game that you rightfully purchased. You’ve paid to play it and now you’re also nTitled to re-sell, trade, gift or even rent it on nTitle’s revolutionary, new gaming marketplace.

Wish you had more opportunities to help out your favourite developers to benefit both of you?

nTitle gives you back your possibilities!

We're introducing a dedicated crowdfunding channel to our marketplace. You can sponsor your favourite games, provide pre-launch feedback and be one of the first to play it when it's released. Help promote it through social media and earn money to further reduce your cost of gaming.


Leveraging the Ethereum peer-to-peer network, nTitle activates an entire gaming community and puts the ownership back where it belongs, in the hands of the gamers and independent developers who drive the industry.

Token sale terms


  • Total Supply: 500,000,000
  • Available Tokens for Sale: 250,000,000
  • Symbol: NDT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Accepted Currency: ETH


  • Tokens Available for Presale: 150,000,000
  • Bonus: 30%
  • Whitelist/KYC/AML: Yes
  • Minimum Contribution: 10 ETH
  • Register here for presale: Click here


  • Public Sale Start: To be announced
  • Tokens Available for Sale: 100,000,000
  • Whitelist/KYC/AML: Yes
  • Minimum Contribution: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Contribution: 5 ETH

The roadmap

Q2 2017

nTitle Research & Development

nTitle Core Team

Anthony Eufemio joins as Advisor

Michael Widjaja joins as Advisor

Q3 2017

Business Model & Marketing Strategy

nTitle Whitepaper draft

Token Economy draft

Q4 2017

Gavin Nicol joins as Advisor

Private Seed Funds

Legal Framework & Partnerships

Corporate Website

ICO Planning

nTitle Development Team

Q1 2018

Token Sale Website

Game Industry Partnerships

Richard Van Barneveld joins as Advisor

nTitle WhitepaperCmp

Core Smart Contracts

C++ nTitle SDK MVP

nTitle Web Client Demo (Marketplace)

Q2 2018

ICO Presale

ICO Launch

Core Smart Contracts Audit Reports

On-Chain Licensing (Proof of Ownership)

C# nTitle SDK MVP

Java nTitle SDK MVP

InterPlanetary File System as Content Delivery Network MVP

nTitle Mobile Client Demo (Social Trading)

NDT Exchange Trading

Q3 2018

nTitle SDK for Unity Engine

nTitle SDK for Godot Engine

nTitle SDK for Unreal Engine

nTitle Platform API

nTitle Web Client MVP (Marketplace)

nTitle Mobile Client MVP (Social Trading)

nTitle Desktop Client MVP (Marketplace / Community)

Q4 2018

uPort Integration

Infura Integration

Parametric Smart Contract Factories

Token-Based Licensing (Per-Use, Per-Device, Subscription)

InterPlanetary File System as Content Delivery Network

nTitle Web Client (Marketplace)

nTitle Mobile Client (Social Trading)

nTitle Platform Analytics

Q1 2019

nTitle Desktop Client (Marketplace / Community)

Quorum Integration

Enterprise Software Markets

Technology we use


Great things come to those that sign up (periodic updates, investor info, previews, special offers and much more)

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are unchangeable, self-executing agreements between buyer and seller built on declarative logic. They live in the form of bytecode on the Blockchain and are the core of nTitle.

pragma solidity ^0.4.19;
contract LicenceRegistrar {

    /* ... */

    struct Asset {
        address producer;
        mapping(address => uint8) shareRatios;
        mapping(address => uint8) transferShareRatios;
        string metadata;
        uint256 totalSupply;
        uint256 priceInWei;
        uint256 transferPriceInWei;
        uint timestamp;
        bool isCreated;
        bool canAcquire;
        bool canTransfer;
        bool canGift;
        bool canOverrideTransferPrice;
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We invite you to try out our demo and explore the ideas behind nTitle. Have fun trading!

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Our team

  • Peter van Grinsven Peter van

    Peter is a serial entrepreneur. After receiving his Masters Degree from Maastricht University, he started at PWC as an internet business consultant. Operating between strategy and technology has been his passion ever since. His company, CONNAXIS, which has offices in 6 locations, creates magical new experiences via innovative technologies. In 2009, he launched Guerra Creativa, a successful creative crowdsourcing marketplace. CONNAXIS has focused on blockchain technologies since 2015.

  • Pawel Pinio Paweł

    Paweł is a senior software engineer with extensive experience in building fault tolerant back-end systems. He started his career as a full stack developer before moving to work on diagnostics and radiology information systems. He then moved into interdisciplinary consulting which allowed him to build transformative platforms. Paweł is a strong evangelist of distributed systems, blockchain and decentralization and a firm technical enthusiast of the Ethereum platform and community.

  • John Clancy John

    John Clancy has over 20 years experience in defining, developing and implementing innovative marketing, PR and sales strategies for new and established companies. His clients are based in Europe, the Middle East and North and South America. He is also a marketing and business development lecturer at Inholland University in the Netherlands, visiting professor at the University of Bari Aldo Moro, serial entrepreneur, app developer and author of two books.

  • Freddy Bucknell Freddy

    Freddy is an ICAEW Chartered Accountant having spent 5 years at Deloitte LLP. He joined Deloitte as a graduate in the UK Financial Services Audit and Advisory team where he gained experience with a range of clients in insurance, banking and asset finance. He worked in the Deloitte London office as a Manager specializing in banking, where his main client was a FTSE 250 bank. Freddy took an early interest in blockchain technology and has been an active trader and avid investor in cryptocurrencies ever since.

  • Gonzalo Balabasquer Gonzalo
    Blockchain Engineer

    Gonzalo is a systems engineer who started his professional career as a PHP programmer. In the years that followed, he led a team of developers at a fast-paced agency located in Argentina. Recently, he followed his passion and returned to a technical position to leverage his IT experience as a full stack blockchain developer participating as an active developer of the MakerDao project.

  • Bastien Hugon Bastien
    Project Manager

    Bastien is a project manager with excellent strategic and operational skills. He has leadership competencies for team building, client relations, negotiation, decision making, problem solving and conflict management in French, Spanish and English. He has 10+ years of experience in QA, IT infrastructure and service delivery working with companies like HCL, DANA, Ford, L’Oreal, Nokia and bioMerieux.

  • Marcin Gierlak Marcin
    Blockchain Solutions Architect

    Marcin has a strong background in software engineering including cloud, mobile platforms, cryptography and security, system level programming, and systems development life cycle. He has experience in developing and implementing concepts and technologies for IoT, hands-on experience with Ethereum/Solidity, blockchain technologies, distributed ledger, cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts.

  • Marlena Pawlukowska Marlena
    Web Developer

    Marlena gained extensive experience in web development and digital marketing at several leading digital agencies and through her freelance work. She has an eye for good design, meticulous attention to quality and detail and is addicted to following the newest trends and searching for smart solutions. Her work is driven by a conviction that only from a well-balanced mixture of tech, design and creativity can you craft digital experiences that people fall in love with.

  • Guido Hakkenberg Guido
    Community Manager

    Guido Hakkenberg is a multicultural former business & innovation student who's passion for innovation has lead him to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. His previous experience in social media management for a large IT company and his keen interest in business development combined with his well-developed "people skills" make him the perfect community manager for nTitle. Guido is likeable and easy-going and always manages to make friends where ever he goes. He speaks fluent English, French, Dutch and dabbles in Japanese.

  • Anna Walo-Nowakowska Anna Walo
    Graphic Designer

    Anna is a graphic designer with a comprehensive skillset who values high quality design and attention to detail. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 and has over 10 years of experience in brand design, packaging and web design. She accepts no half-measures and demands high standards from herself and those around her. Anna tends to geek out over brand design and typography.

Our advisors

  • Anthony Eufemio Anthony Eufemio CTO, Digixdao

    Anthony is a 19 year veteran of the software development, computer security, and IT industries. He is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Digix Global which raised over $5.5 Million in 16 hours (now currently valued at $150,000,000.00) in the first ever fully on-chain Ethereum ICO. As an early adopter and contributor in the Ethereum ecosystem he made the first ever transaction on Ethereum and developed several open sourced Ethereum tools and libraries. He has a BSc in Computer Science from USC.

  • Michael Widjaja Michael Widjaja Managing Director, Accenture

    Michael is a Partner with Accenture and responsible for global application security technology and Latin American Advanced Techology & Architecture practice. His expertise covers the design, implementation and operations of complex software solution architectures, SOA, integration and enterprise architecture, security, digital transformations, omni channel platforms, rules and document management, data warehouse, cloud, infrastructure, and more. He leads large re-engineering, ERP, commercial and supply chain programs with solutions built on various technologies and platforms.

  • Gavin Nicol Gavin Nicol CTO, Context Labs BV

    Gavin has been a technology leader and innovator for 25+ years working at corporate research centers in Japan, and corporations and startups in the US and the Netherlands. Through his work at EBT, a founding member of the W3C, he has broadly influenced many of the technologies underlying the modern web. He played a significant role in the development of the HTML, HTTP, XML, XSL, DOM, XPath, SVG, XQuery and XLink standards, and in building some of the earliest prototypes and implementations of the technologies. He is considered "the father of I18N on the WWW".

  • Richard van Barneveld Richard van Barneveld Strategic Director at Utomik Inc.

    Richard is a tech entrepreneur, constantly seeking innovative business opportunities. His dominant areas of expertise include strategic business planning, corporate business development and fundraising for tech startups. He is the Strategic Director at Utomik Inc., a game subscription service with partners from Disney, Take2, Ubisoft, Warner and more. Prior to that he was Strategic Director at Kalydo. Kalydo successfully powers games for game publishers & developers from companies that include The Cartoon Network (Turner), Gungho, Gameforge, COG, Chiyu, Gamigo and Gravity. Richard has an MBA from Bradford University.

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